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Coming Down the Mountain

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The second release from a band who has hit full stride. The fiddle and voice of Brian Wicklund drives this band through realms of bluegrass, celtic, Appalachian and jazz. Awesome musicianship and clever writing.

"Amazing instrumentalists!" "Wicklund is a deft original writer with a firm grounding in traditional acoustic styles."
—Twin Cities Reader

track list:

  1. Chop Wood

  2. Can't Take My Love

  3. Sugarfoot Rag

  4. Lighthouse

  5. Life Is Fine

  6. Reuben

  7. Little Niece

  8. Moorlough Shore

  9. Hurry Up and Wait

  10. Charlene

  11. Eighteen Below

  12. In Tall Buildings





The debut release from the Barley Jacks. Debut recording of an acoustic powerhouse. "A big powerful acoustic sound and a wonderful and varied collection of tunes!" –Voice of America

track list:

  1. Either Side of Night

  2. High on a Mountain

  3. Fog Comes on Little Cat Feet

  4. Miss Molly

  5. Dimmit

  6. Paradise

  7. Sister Kim

  8. Crooked Man

  9. Spin Me

  10. Button Buck

  11. Lily of the Valley

  12. After the Rain


 The Barley Jacks sing original vocals and play jaw–dropping instrumentals in a spirit of excitement and fun. They are masters of the fiddle, guitar, bass and drum who meld their divergent backgrounds of blues and bluegrass, classical and Celtic, R & B and bebop to inspire each other and create something entirely new.  Front–man and fiddler Brian Wicklund is joined by Mike Cramer–guitar, Keith Yanes–bass, and Joel Arpin–percussion.  Their 2010 debut recording Either Side of Night and 2011 recording The Lighthouse has been met with great praise by reviewers.


Virtuosity, magic and a little danger combine to make every performance unique.  The first thing an audience notices is how much fun the Barley Jacks have when they perform. These Minnesota–based veterans of years in the musical trenches enjoy making music together so much that they sometimes giggle like little kids completely lost in a moment of play. 



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