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Announcing our NEW project, Coming Down the Mountain

What a year it has been! We've missed you dearly. Like everyone in 2020, our plans changed. In a matter of weeks, an entire years-worth of gigs evaporated. With no income or opportunities for getting an album to our fans, we had to step away from the long-overdue recording project. Now, with gigs finally on the horizon, the release of our project is possible. But we need your support! 


We have started a Kickstarter Campaign to fund our project, Coming Down the Mountain. We are hopeful that the campaign will allow us to release it in August.

This project is both the culmination of a decade of creative growth and a business venture from which we support our families and our careers.  You can’t make music at the level of the Barley Jacks without being a pro.  You can’t be a pro unless you make enough money to make music a profession.

We humbly ask for your emotional and financial support in bringing this project to life. We think you're going to like this one, too...


Contribute to our Kickstarter!

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