Keith Yanes joins the Jacks!


It's not an easy thing to find a bass player who has got the chops, motivation and weird enough humor to be a Barley Jack.  After an extensive search and auditions, we are so happy to welcome our new BJ brother, Keith.  

Keith has been a full-time professional jobbing jazz player in the Twin Cities for years.  He's the first call guy for many a jazz trio or quartet.  His grooves, intuition, soloing and bowing chops are among the finest you'll hear anywhere.

He's also a real swell guy...

Studio Microphone
New Album in 2019


It's been a seven year hiatus since our last record "Lighthouse."  That's 49 band years...  It's time.

The band is planning on a Kickstarter campaign this winter where fans will get a chance to participate in the recording process and pre-order the new project.  Sign up on the mailing list and we'll keep you in the loop.